Anchoring kit with shackle

  • When planting specifications require a very deep hole, a traditional anchoring kit can sometimes be impossible to use. The anchors cannot reach the soft earth due to the thickness of the backfill at the bottom of the pit and therefore are susceptible to pull-out.
  • The TOLTEX® solution is to install welded wire mesh at the bottom of the planting hole before backfilling. The wire mesh forms the base for attaching the anchor lines. These comprise a high-hold shackle, a ferrule-securing wire and a strap loop.
  • Once the three anchor lines are in place on the wire mesh, simply backfill and tamp down the bottom of the hole, position the plant and lastly fix the rootball using the strap and ratchet.
  • This is a quick and economical system to use, with no need for additional machinery or permits other than those required to dig the hole. The plant is anchored very securely with a resistance to pull-out that prevents any swaying in a strong wind.
  • It is recommended to use a tightly-meshed welded wire mesh, for example:
    • ST40C with 100×100 mesh and 7 mm wire
    • ST65C with 100×100 mesh and 9 mm wire
  • The backfill will ideally be an earth-stone mix; this is the best way of holding the wire mesh at the bottom of the hole.

Description of the kit

  • 3 treated forged steel shackles, quenched and tempered – extremely strong, of suitable size for the wire being used.
  • 3 galvanised steel wires. 1 aluminium ferrule-securing at lower termination for threading the shackle through. 1 aluminium ferrule-securing on strap loop at upper termination.
  • Rotproof multi-filament, high-strength polyester strap
  • Bichromate steel ratchet.
  • Welded wire mesh on request to the desired dimension within two weeks

Technical characteristics

Réf. Ø Wire Strength Size subject
KSX3 2.5 mm 1 T 2 à 4 m
KSX4 4 mm 2 T 4 à 6 m
KSX5 5 mm 3.25 T 6 à 11 m
KSX6 8 mm N° 6 11 à 15 m

What you must remember

  • TOLTEX solution for the problem of very deep holes, where traditional anchoring is not suitable
  • Quick
  • Cost-saving
  • Secure