• Young seedlings and shrubs are especially fragile and very vulnerable to wind. They must be fixed quickly to the stake yet provide impeccable support and protection for the trunk and bark.
  • TOLTEX® has developed a flexible elastic tie especially suited to this purpose, mainly for flowering shrub plantings or nurseries.
  • Flexible elastic tie specially designed for professional ergonomic use: comes in a 1 kg coil held in a net that can be hooked to the belt to leave both hands free. Combined with a cutting ring, the tie is attached quickly and conveniently.

Technical characteristics

Réf. Designation Ø Ext. length
LS25 extensible flexible link Ø 2,5 mm 2,5 mm 205 m
LS35 extensible flexible link Ø 3,5 mm 2,5 mm 135 m
LS50 extensible flexible link Ø 5 mm 2,5 mm 81 m
LS60 extensible flexible link Ø 6 mm 2,5 mm 63 m
BAG20/22/24 extensible flexible link Ø 2,5 mm

What you must remember

  • Hollow tie, flexible and elastic
  • UV-resistant, lasts very well over time
  • Easy to uncoil, coil fastener threading through the belt
  • Discrete colour blending it perfectly with the landscape
  • Cutting made easy by cutting rings