• The TOLTEX® staking tie with metal insert is the ideal solution and is extra strong to face up to the most violent winds.
  • Two annealed steel wires, each 1.4 mm in diameter, twisted and over-moulded provide maximum safety.
  • Made with rubberised elastomer that does not age under UV or cold, very flexible to avoid injuring the tree, with grooves that squash down as the tree grows and drain the rainwater.
  • The buckle is an important cushion that prevents the stake rubbing against the trunk.
  • Tamper-proof model advised for public areas.

Technical characteristics

Réf. Length
CT 60 R 60 cm
CT 100 R 100 cm

What you must remember

  • Staking tie with galvanised metal insert
  • Solid tinted original resource, flexible, deadening, UV and ageing treated
  • Maximum support for extreme conditions (wind, etc.)
  • Damage-proof