BIO Elastos

  • TOLTEX® is committed to protecting the environment and has developed a 100% biodegradable elastomer that nevertheless retains all the qualities of a traditional elastomer.
  • Degrades in 24 to 36 months
  • Is highly flexible and will not therefore injure the tree
  • Withstands cold
  • Lovely appearance and blends in perfectly with the landscape
  • Installed in identical fashion to traditional elastomer.

Technical characteristics

Réf. Length
BIO E 25 25 cm
BIO E 35 35 cm
BIO E 45 45 cm
BIO E 58 58 cm

What you must remember

  • 100% biodegradable staking tie
  • elastomer developed by TOLTEX, flexible and does not cause injury, withstands cold
  • 4 lengths with buckle adjustment for all types of tree
  • Very quick to install