100% PLA felt

  • Needled, non-woven felt 100% biodegradable, this PLA felt combines the efficiency of a woven fabric and the quality of a biodegradable felt. Lightweight (190 g/m2) yet solid, very easy to install, can be mechanised, it lasts for 48 months and stops weed growth whilst letting through the water needed by the plant.
  • PREMIUM product in terms of lifetime

Technical characteristics

Réf. Weight Width Length
FP165-105 190 g/m2 100 cm 100 m
FP165-210 190 g/m2 200 cm 100 m
FP165-315 190 g/m2 300 cm 100 m

What you must remember

  • New generation felt in PLA needled fibres, 100% biodegradable (48 months)
  • 100 % PLA
  • Very easy to handle and lay, can be mechanised
  • Neutral colour