Plastic peg

  • Available for some time in polypropylene, the TOLTEX plastic peg is now offered in biodegradable polymer: the NATURAGRAFE®.
  • This brown peg is especially recommended for installing our 100% PLA or PLA mix biodegradable mulch fabrics which gives sustainable coherence in the choice of ground cover.
  • Its six arrow-shaped spurs make it easy to push home and very resistance to pull-out.
  • This peg has several uses. It can keep the mulch fabrics and over-wintering mats down firmly, but it is also recommended for securing rodent and game guards to the ground.

Technical characteristics

Réf. Weight Length
APV 20 Polypropylene 20 cm

What you must remember

  • Polypropylene fabric peg
  • Made from 100% recyclable polyolefin
  • Very quick to install, cost-saving
  • Safe installation and use
  • Excellent resistance to pull-out after a short time
  • Recommended for public areas (safety)

Tools for plastic pegs

Réf. Descriptive
G 100 Spade tool for inserting plastic pegs
F 34 Hammering tool for inserting plastic pegs