Quick-Bloc staple

  • The shape of the Quick-Bloc staple is specially designed to:
    • 1. Reduce installation time
    • 2. Ensure excellent resistance to pull-out
  • The staple must be pushed in vertically. When the top part comes into contact with the fabric, keep pushing to buttress the staple in the ground. The staple is installed.
  • This staple is especially suitable for polypropylene mulch fabrics and large sites given its ease of installation.
  • Its 4.8 mm diameter makes it solid and long-lasting.

Technical characteristics

Réf. Ø Dimension
Quick Bloc 4,8 25 x 20 x 5

What you must remember

  • Metal staple specially designed for installations that are twice as fast
  • Very cost-saving
  • Anchored in the ground by buttressing
  • Excellent resistance to pull-out