Spunbond 100 g/m²

  • This 100% PLA (poly lactic acid) mulch fabric is non-woven due to the Spunbond technology, i.e. the PLA threads are fused when leaving the extrusion process to form the mulch fabric.
  • It is specifically suited to hedge planting without gradient. The product degrades in twelve to eighteen months depending on the various installation and climate conditions.
  • Cost-saving product due to its low grammage.

Technical characteristics

Réf. Weight Width Length
FP100-106 100 g/m2 106,5 cm 100 m
FP100-230 100 g/m2 230 cm 100 m
FP100-320 100 g/m2 320 cm 100 m

What you must remember

  • 100% PLA Spunbond non-woven mulch fabric
  • Very easy to handle and lay, can be mechanised
  • Approx. 12-18 month lifetime
  • Specifically suited to hedge planting without gradient